The Importance of Inclusive Language

The Importance of Inclusive Language

Our Turn to Talk is the National Children’s Bureau’s (NCB) youth-led podcast programme! All episodes are developed and directed by young people and focus on topics that are important to them.

Show notes

In Our Turn to Talk's ninth episode,The Importance of Inclusive Language, Carys, Lotte and Eden, three young people who work across the National Children’s Bureau’s advisory groups and activities, reflect on the language we use when speaking to, and about disabled young people and those with special educational needs.

Topics discussed:

  1. The impact of derogatory language and labelling.
  2. Some of the current debates around what language is appropriate to use.
  3. The impact that inappropriate language can have on young people, and their mental health.
  4. How the language you choose can help young people to build their identity.

A transcript of this episode is available here: here

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